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The London Stage, 1660 - 1700: A Critical Introduction

This collection of Emmett Avery's professional papers includes a large volume of notes, drafts, and page proofs related to his contributions to the publication The London Stage: A Critical Introduction. Avery was responsible for most of the work on Part 1, covering the period 1600 to 1700, and he edited Part 2, covering the period 1700-1729, and wrote the critical introduction. The collection also includes a small amount of correspondence, and journal articles authored by Avery.

The London Stage, 1660 - 1700: A Critical Introduction


During the time of the Restoration, the period between 1660-1700 dramas was very critical. Much of the Elizabethan Play writers blended tragedy and comedy, whereas the Restoration dramatists chose to separate the two. The drama of this period can be broken into two categories, comedies and tragedies.

"Thomas Keymer's excellent new book is a combined history and critical study of the ways in which conditions of censorship shaped English literature during the long eighteenth century (1660-1820). The book began life as the Clarendon Lectures given at the University of Oxford in 2014-15; these have been expanded with rich archival and critical detail, without sacrificing the energy and lucidity of the lectures." -- Niall Allsopp, Seventeenth-Century News 350c69d7ab


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