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Foxconn N15235 Manual Pdf

I can't seem to find a manual online for a Foxconn 15235 Motherboard. I replaced a damaged motherboard with the above mentioned mobo and installed XP on the HDD. Now there is no audio and my customer will not accept it without audio. The onboard is not working and I have no idea how to connect the front panel audio connectors. The front panel connectors are designated as follows. HPOUT R and HPOUT -R as well as HPOUT L and HPOUT -L. as well as a ground cable. I don't know where to connect these cables on the mobo.

foxconn n15235 manual pdf


Hi the software helped I managed to get the audio files playing at least but I still have trouble getting sound. I ran CPU-Z and saw that the motherboard is actually a foxconn P4M800P7MB. I got the manual in no time. Thanks for the input guys


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