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Microsoft Visio Portable Free Download

The Word Viewer, PowerPoint Viewer and Excel Viewer have been retired. These Viewers will no longer be available for download or receive security updates. To continue viewing Office files for free, we recommend installing the Office apps or storing documents in OneDrive or Dropbox, where Word Online, Excel Online or PowerPoint Online opens them in your browser. For the mobile apps, visit the store for your device.

Microsoft Visio Portable Free Download

Description: Adobe Acrobat Reader is a program that allows users to view files in Portable Document Format (PDF). PDF is a universal file format that preserves the appearance of the original document. PDF files can be easily printed but not easily modified.File extensions: .pdfViewing: If you do not already have Adobe Acrobat, download Acrobat Reader for free.Assistance: If you need assistance on solutions for some common PDF issues. Help with PDF

Description: Microsoft Word is a word processing program used to create and edit text documents. Text in Word documents can be easily modified or copied for use in other applications.File extensions: .docViewing: If you do not already have Word, download Word Viewer for free.

Description: Microsoft Visio is diagramming software for Microsoft Windows. It uses vector graphics to create diagramsFile extension: vsdViewing: If you do not already have Visio, download Visio viewer for free.

App Fonts Download - Some or all of the fonts that are normally packaged with this package are not included due to a bug within the Windows 10 Anniversary update that causes dynamically loaded fonts to take 10 times longer to load. The fonts are available as a direct download zip of fonts. You add the fonts to the Platform (recommended) by placing them in the PortableApps\\Data\fonts directory. You can also add the fonts directly to this app by placing them within the Data\fonts directory within the portable app's main directory.

John T : Thank you for replying. I use Avast free AV. Here's the thing though: I even compress the Bernat version MORE with the AppCompactor to reduce the size as much as I can and Avast has no problems with that. I have tested both versions on 3 computers, one doesn't even have AV installed on it yet, superfresh install. The computers have SSD, SSD/HDD hybrid and a regular HDD. Windows 7 runs on those machines, one is 32-bit. Same results on all of them: Swedish and Finnish LibreOffice from portableapps just struggle to open. Earlier in this thread joby_toss said it takes a minute to open on his laptop, which is abysmal. Clearly Bernat does something differently with the non-English stuff then, since his version is a snappy Swedish LibreOffice and yours is not. No disrespect, your stuff is much appreciated and most of the times phenomenal. Just this LibreOffice thing has been bugging me forever now, so I will continue to use the one that works like I expect it to.webfork & SYSTEM : I am not interested in the installer version one bit, this website is called portablefreeware =) I go with portable versions in all my programs wherever possible, it's the best invention since sliced bread. Scrap that, it's better than sliced bread. Also X-LibreOffice is no option since I already found another one that is working.

I just get the PDF thing work now.Just download the extension from OpenOffice website (OraclePDFImport 1.0.4) and drag it to LibreOffice portable; The OraclePDFImport 1.0.5 in LibreOffice 3.4.2 doesn't work at all.Once I replace the 1.0.5 with the 1.0.4, the LibreOffice portable can create password protected PDF and import PDF as well.

I installed LibreOffice in my flash drive.When I started the program my system (Win7) freezes.It don't work at all. So I uninstalled.I have now Open Office portable, is the better option.


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