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How to Improve Your Translations with ApSIC Xbench 3.0

add the files in your project to the cat tool's (e.g. xbench) search box by clicking on the search files button and then selecting them from the list below. using the search files function will not only search the specified files for the specified strings, but also all the files listed in the project. you can also search text in all files using the list in the top right. alternatively, you can use the search files button to select all the files you want to search in the project.

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and there you have it. the program is a real asset if you need to check your translations quickly and reliably. if you found apsic xbench useful, please tell us about it in the forums. want to learn more about the spellchecker and the innovative new xbench 3? the following document explains the functions of apsic xbench and shows how to get you started.

apsic xbench allows you to choose a project that is shared with all translators at once by going to project > properties. in this project, you can load any kind of documents. for example, you can load a glossary that you use for all your projects. you can load source files, a glossary, a project checklist, or other.

apsic xbench allows you to filter a report by source term, target term, or both. you can do this by going to project > properties and then to the report tab. in this tab, you can select to filter by source term, target term, or both source and target term. this means that you do not need to search for a term in every translation you are doing, but only in the ones that are relevant to the source term. this is a powerful feature when you are working with a large number of documents.


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