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Born Sinner J Cole Album

MUHAMMAD: Love the song. Just the mood of it, and everything. It kind of goes on a journey from the beginning to where it ends. And I love the "born sinner" and what do you say? "Die better than that"?

born sinner j cole album

COLE: Yeah. "I'm a born sinner / But I die better than that." That line is crazy. I didn't write it. That's James Fauntleroy who wrote that line. When he did that hook, we was in London and I had those two verses over that beat but I didn't have a hook. And I happened to be in the studio with him because he was working on Rihanna.

can u delete all ty add this instead i done GB -coles-born-sinner-album-satanic-symbolism-and-a-false-gospel/ Something i been led to share on Beginning and End Page and i appreciate when there is another looking out to help others see Truth and what God says and Gods Point of view on it ,,, this page is very detail on biblical scripture that exposes the enemie cuz they so darn crafty and try to get where ever they can to steal kill and destroy !

hi Praise God, i been in prayer seeking God to talk to me about our christian music artist, popular ones that been in music industry for a while and very well loved, they have become pretty dark and there is confusion whether they a sheep in wolves clothing, Jesus culture, toby mac now with this new album with the eye symbol and his lyrics he has a new advocate in the song??? and his past song about the illumati The song Eye on It,, and britt nicole, and flyleaf total deception to me [ 1 Thessalonians 5:22 22 Abstain from all appearance of evil. ] =1%20Thessalonians%205&version=KJV&utm_expid=13466113-5&

Im a huge J. Cole fan, i have listened to majority of his mixtapes and all of his albums. Im 16 so i listen and try to comprehend everything he says in all of his music. As an avid listener and an open person about religion i think this Born Sinner album goes to show more about Cole about his true self. On his rise to popularity, his mixtapes such as Friday Night Lights or the Any Given Sundah series, he was more focused on talking about realistic things and he was not as materilaistic and things like that. Yes he sinned, but as you actually get to understand, he sinned just to be cool, not because he wanted to be a sinful person. In his first break out album Cole World: The sideline story, this was him growing up out and finally becomjng famous. When he became famous he sinned more, which i think i think made him begin to question himself. All those questions about himself came up in Born Sinner. He was questioning his faith and what does he consider to be right or wrong and who he was as a person. His recent album 2014 Forest Hills Drive is his recognization of himself. He figured out who he was and chnaged his attitude, repented his sins and for the most part be changed his ways. I think Cole went through the phases all artists go through as they become more popular. Thats money, drugs, women and all of that. Its hard to say no to things like thag when thats what you see every night at parties or just around your area. Another example would be Chance the Rapper who was a heavy drug use until he had a daughter and gave himself to god as he explains on Ultralight Beams. I think being a born sinner is a real thing. Correct me if im wrong because im not a very religious person and dont have full knowledge but Adam and Eve sinned, so why would the people in their image not follow ? As humans we are followers, and if we were all perfect and sinless why would we need to pray? 350c69d7ab


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