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No 1 Businessman Movie Hindi Dubbed [HOT]

Baazaar didn't generate much buzz but it was warmly welcomed by the audience and the critics alike. Saif Ali Khan starrer Bazaar is based on how Dalal Street works and what happens behind the closed curtains. To add some masala, the director has included a fictitious storyline. Although the plot may seem to be predictable, aspiring entrepreneurs would still love this Bollywood movie since it shows what a businessman's life is all about.

no 1 businessman movie hindi dubbed

Hindi Medium is about a self-made businessman struggling to get his daughter admitted to a reputed school. The institution demands the parents be literate. As a result, he decides to get her admitted through a quota reserved. The family shifts to a below-average place of living and quits the comforts it was used to. The movie simultaneously depicts the challenges faced by the poor and the rich. You will enjoy the subject and the humor depicted. Spoiler alert but the lesson is that education from a big school does not always result in success. Every entrepreneur will enjoy this Bollywood movie.

Citizen Kane is a movie that even if you are not an entrepreneur, or an aspirant too, you should watch regardless as it is one of the masterpieces of cinema. The movie revolves around the life of Charles Foster Kane who is a newspaper tycoon, loosely based on William Randolph Hearst, and his quest for fortune, fame, and power. But in the end, Kane comes to a realization and understands what is really important in life. It teaches one that while aspiring to be a successful businessman is a goal of every entrepreneur, it is not the only goal in life.


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