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Free Diamonds for Free Fire: How to Claim Your Rewards in 2021

However, the only proof that a batch of diamonds has gone through the Kimberley Process is a certificate that details where the diamonds were mined, how they were extracted from the Earth, where they were cut and polished, and their intended destination. And while it may be easy to assume that the process guarantees ethical diamonds, difficulties arose when it was discovered that members of the KPCS were continuing unethical practices and getting away with it due to lax political will.

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An estimated 3.7 million people have died in wars funded by diamonds. Millions more around the world are being poisoned by mercury from gold mining and destroying the environment just so they can scrape together enough money to survive.

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It may seem like a very small number at first, but diamonds from unethical origins arise from gross human rights violations, forced labor, child slavery and more atrocities, with the sole purpose of financing wars and violent acts.

The best conflict free diamonds are the basis of the most beautiful rings, with which sincere proposals of love are created, clean, free of conscience and guilt. This is one of the many reasons that make the Albert Hern diamond collection your best choice.

An ethical or conflict free diamond is one that is sourced from legal mining and in no way contributes to violence, financing of terrorist groups, excessive environmental damage, child labor, labor exploitation and similar acts.

They are the opposite of war diamonds or blood diamonds, which is a label for a certain group of precious stones that come from regions in constant civil wars, where military groups use coercion (almost always by means of weapons) to control mines with which they finance their acts.

Ethical conflict free diamonds of natural origin exist and are as real, authentic and unique as any other gemstone. In fact, ethical diamonds have the advantage of bringing peace of mind and pride to those who trade and purchase them.

A lot of administrative processes and controls are required before you can guarantee that a diamond is conflict free and legally mined. A good start is to check that the diamond went through the Kimberley Process.

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Another important consideration of the origin of a truly ethical diamond is not only the country, but also the conditions of the mines. Some regions that are considered war-free operate under "minimal" legal conditions and actually offer no real development for the industry, its workers or the surrounding communities.

In fact, because of the effort required to move unethical diamonds through illegal channels and the risk involved in selling them on the black market they end up costing the same or more than a legal diamond.

If you have doubts about your supplier, ask for the necessary certifications such as the Kimberley Process paper trail, a requirement for all gem quality diamonds in the United States since 2003.

An honest ethical diamond supplier will always be proud to show the authenticity of their jewelry and precious metals, any refusal to answer questions about the origin of the diamonds or seriousness in the processes can put you on alert.

There is a false belief that all GIA-certified diamonds are conflict-free, but the truth is that they are not necessarily. The inspection of a diamond by a GIA-certified gemologist is done to determine the quality and authenticity of a diamond, not its origin. There is no appreciable difference between a blood diamond and one of ethical origin, no special advantage in quality or price that makes them stand out more or that would stand out on close inspection.

Our commitment extends in support of all initiatives to create transparent, free and friendly trade for all involved, today and in the future, in order to bring joy, beauty and build the most beautiful memories through brilliant jewelry.

The 2006 movie Blood Diamond made many consumers aware of the issues surrounding conflict diamonds. A fictionalised account of how warlords in Sierra Leone funded their bloody civil war with diamonds, the movie rightfully shocked Western audiences. Ever since, the question of ethical diamond sourcing has come to the forefront for many young couples purchasing an engagement ring.Read our guide on why Choose an Ethical Bespoke Engagement Ring for more information.

This informal mining not only hurts miners and their communities, it wreaks environmental devastation across large areas of otherwise farmable land. In order to find diamonds, miners must first remove the sand along riverbanks, then wash the soil to sort through it. The process renders the land useless by stripping delicate topsoil, leaving large mining pits filled with dirty water in its wake, each quickly becoming a breeding ground for mosquitos and the diseases they carry. Rivers, often hastily dammed and rerouted, become polluted. Forested land is cleared. Fish are killed, wildlife is displaced, and, at its most severe, local ecosystems are destroyed.

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We make sure that all the diamonds we buy and use are certified under the Kimberley Process. So far, we have had no cases of conflict diamonds being used in our jewellery. If such a case were to happen, we would immediately stop collaborating with the vendor and look to pursue legal action.

We applaud the process of tracking diamonds from mine to market in an exhaustive on-going effort to prevent the trade of blood diamonds. Therefore, at Prijems we exclusively purchase our rough diamonds through steadfast and respectful suppliers who also enforce the standards established and upheld by the Kimberley Process.

After being shipped in from Africa, Central Asia, and other mining hot spots, thousands of diamonds end up in Surat everyday, a growing metropolis in the Indian state of Gujarat. Once there, stones of different origins -- both legal and illegal -- are mixed together to get cut and polished inside the city's many microfactories. As Foreign Policy's Jason Miklian writes:

In Surat, I discovered legitimate merchandise mingling openly with undocumented diamonds in a trading free-for-all. Indeed, so-called conflict diamonds -- illicitly mined stones that fund conflicts in the world's war zones -- are for sale by everyone from small-time street hustlers to the Indian government itself. And the entire system is protected by an intricate familial society of brokers and middlemen that operates almost exclusively on the black market.

The result of this mix-and-match style of diamond sourcing is that the Kimberly Process -- an international trade standard established in 2003 to prevent "conflict diamonds" from entering the market -- is nearly impossible to enforce. In fact, verifying each stone's origin has become so difficult that many dealers have just stopped asking questions.

The global diamond market has turned the small town of Surat into an international business center where more than 90 percent of the world's unpolished diamonds are now processed. But in addition to the lax oversight that allows conflict diamonds to freely mingle with those that were legally sourced, the processing factories themselves have become notorious for their hazardous working conditions. According to Miklian:

Fiery. Brilliant. Sparkling. Pure. We know what you're looking for in a diamond, and every Alluring Body diamond is a stunning example of our commitment to quality. Our standards apply to EVERY diamond we sell, even our smallest diamonds.

Alluring Body diamonds are guaranteed to be conflict-free. It's illegal, as well as contrary to our own ethical code, to sell conflict diamonds. In 2003, the Kimberley Process (or the "Clean Diamond Trade Act") was enacted by the United States and other countries to eliminate the conflict diamond trade. Alluring Body applauds this effort and only purchases diamonds through respected suppliers who adhere to standards established by the Kimberley Process. We also work directly with our suppliers to ensure diamonds are not sourced from areas known for human rights abuses, such as Zimbabwe's Marange diamond district.

A great cut means the difference between a flat, lackluster appearance and the brilliance of an Alluring Body diamond. How do we ensure that our diamonds are full of sparkle? It's simple: We select from diamonds that represent the top 25% of all diamonds in cut. Within the top 25%, only a few percent are good enough for Alluring Body. When evaluating a diamond's cut, we look at the polish, symmetry, pavilion angle, table ratio, and other factors in addition to the standard diamond rating.

Clarity refers to the natural inclusions in a stone. And while these inclusions can be used to identify a particular diamond, determine its origin, and even its age, they're not desirable because they interfere with a diamond's sparkle. Clarity can range from "flawless" (the best) to several grades of "included" (not-so-great). Alluring Body VVS diamonds are rated flawless-VS1 - the very best you can buy.

When diamonds are mined, it goes through a lot of stages before it reaches the customer. Diamonds goes through the hands of many merchants and there are some diamonds which are unethically sourced and are not conflict-free. These diamonds may drag the buyers into trouble and thus one needs to know the details of ethically sourced and conflict-free diamonds, and prevent any mishandling of diamonds while buying, which we will discuss below.


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