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Should I Buy Imac Or Macbook Pro PORTABLE

During this transition period, Apple will support both Intel Macs and Apple silicon Macs with new features and software updates, before eventually dropping Intel Mac support in favor of focusing on newer, faster models with its own chips. With fewer Intel options available, most people will have their mind made up for them on which versions to choose. And only in a few specific cases should anyone consider seeking out the remaining Intel models.

should i buy imac or macbook pro


For recording, the MacBook Pro M2 continues its tradition of offering what Apple calls a studio-quality, three-mic array. I expect that a studio would most likely use dedicated microphones, but everyone benefits with a MacBook Pro, potentially sounding better than is even possible with a MacBook Air. The MacBook Air should sound fine in video calls, but you might not want to record your next album that way.

The MacBook Pro, meanwhile, has only slightly better performance on its side. Some might dislike the notch in the MacBook Air and prefer the Touch Bar, but the vast majority of people should buy the MacBook Air M2. The MacBook Pro continues to use a chassis from 2016, and it shows.

Why you should buy the 14-inch MacBook Pro with M2 Pro chipApple's MacBook Pro M2 Pro is slightly less powerful than the MacBook Pro M2 Max, but for most users in creative fields such as photography, filmmaking, graphic arts, and music development, it's got what it takes to meet the high requirements of the job. Compared with the MacBook Pro M1 Pro, the latest model of the laptop features the same flat-edged design, mini-LED display, and port arrangement, but the performance boost from the updated chip makes the MacBook Pro M2 Pro an even better mobile workstation for professionals.

The new Magic Keyboard, which matches the color of the computer you buy (as does the mouse) can be configured with a Touch ID fingerprint sensor for $50 more. You should do that while buying the iMac. It's really convenient for making purchases (like you would on Apple's laptops), for logging in in a split second, or for sharing a computer. Each family member just registers their fingerprints and then they can tap it to log in to their account when they jump on the computer.

But I also think you should consider buying a MacBook Air, my current favorite computer on the market given its power, battery life and price. Then, you can add a big screen at your desk, like this $400 one from LG, or something more expensive like this from Dell, and just plug the Air in when you want a big, bright display.

The question of how long do Macbooks last, or indeed any other Macs, is not an easy one to answer. But if you follow the steps above, you should be able to work it out for your Mac or one you are thinking of buying second-hand. If you use CleanMyMac X to clear out the junk on your Mac, you may be able to make it last just a little bit longer.

A desktop still reigns supreme when it comes to high performance and durability. Among the endless choices available in the market, the iMac can be an excellent option for meeting the demands for speed and reliability. If you want performance with style and sleek design, then iMac fulfills the criteria. However, like any other machine or any of the apple computers, iMac also has both advantages and disadvantages. Before you go ahead and get one, you should consider these pros and cons of iMac.

In terms of performance, it seems impressive enough to me: Up to 18-cores, 128GB RAM, Radeon Pro Vega video, 3GB throughput to the SSD. You can drive two additional 5K monitors plus two external RAIDs. So it should cut through video work like hot butter. And perhaps my favorite power feature, a wireless keyboard that includes the numeric keypad! (Plus, the dark gray looks pretty sick.) 041b061a72


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