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Fortigate Vm License Download !NEW!

Starting with FortiOS 7.2.1, Fortinet removed built-in 15 days free evaluationlicense from the Fortigate VM images. It was replaced with the permanentevaluation license, still free. The steps to get it have changed - you nowhave to create a free Forticare/FortiCloud account, and use it inside theFortigate GUI to activate this evaluation license. The license will be generatedand added to your Forticloud account automatically.

Fortigate Vm License Download

Download Zip:

One license per one FortiCloud account: this means that to have multiple evaluation licenses for multiple Fortigates, we need to create multiple FortiCloud accounts, nuisance but doable. The accounts are still free of charge.

Update August 2022: All the said below is still true, but starting with FortiOS 7.2.1 the process of issuing the evaluation license has changed. So, after reading this article, make sure to read this one as well: Fortigate free VM Evaluation License is now permanent, not limited to 15 days, here is how to get it.

Each Fortigate Virtual Machine (VM) image (until FortiOS 7.2.1) comes with built-in 15 days evaluation license which starts the moment you spin this image in your virtual environment - VMWare ESXi/WorkStation, KVM, GNS3, EVE-NG. Unfortunately, it comes with some limitations you should be aware of so not to waste your time trying to debug them. Here is the list of them.

Note: There is another evaluation license - for 60 days, that you can only get from Fortinet Account Manager. This license, unlike the 15-days one, has almost NO limitations, and you get fully functional virtual Fortigate.

Where To Download: You can (legally) download ANY version of Fortigate VM image from if you are a Fortinet client, i.e. have a valid support contract. BUT, you can always download (only) the LATEST version vm image, by just registering with an email in FortiCloud, no need to be a paying client of Fortinet.

When this evaluation license expires, there is no need to create new Fortigate VM - it is enough to factory-reset this Virtual Fortigate with exe factoryreset or (if you want to keep IP addressing) exe factoryreset2 , this will erase all configuration and will reset evaluation license to 15 days again.

After registering a license, Fortinet servers may take up to 30 minutes to fully recognize the new license. When you upload the license (.lic) file to activate the FortiGate-VM, if you get an error that the license is invalid, wait 30 minutes and try again.

After you submit an order for a FortiGate-VM, Fortinet sends a license registration code to the email address that you entered on the order form. Use this code to register the FortiGate-VM with Customer Service & Support, then download the license file. After you upload the license to the FortiGate-VM and validate it, your FortiGate-VM is fully functional.

Where do I download the free trial VM of the Fortigate? Probably the most frequentquestion I get asked. And not to stop at the answer "", hereis a video walk-through. The version you download has built-in 15 days triallicense, which comes with some limitations you can read about here: -vm-evaluation-license-15-days-limitations/

A permanent evaluation VM license replaces the 15 day evaluation period for FortiGate-VM. The evaluation VM license applies to all private cloud (VMware ESXi, KVM, and so on) and all bring your own license (BYOL) public cloud instances.

exec vm-licenseThis VM is using the evaluation license. This license does not expire.Limitations of the Evaluation VM license include: 1.Support for low encryption operation only 2.Maximum of 1 CPU and 2GiB of memory 3.Maximum of three interfaces, firewall policies, and routes each 4.No FortiCare SupportThis operation will reboot the system !Do you want to continue? (y/n)yConnection to closed.

SerialNumber: FGVMEVNXFLTGKOBCCreateDate: Sat Jul 16 20:11:15 2022UUID: 4213dbbc94f2520b0d75eeafe1b319c7Key: yesCert: yesKey2: yesCert2: yesModel: EVAL (1)CPU: 1MEM: 2048VDOM license: permanent: 2 subscription: 0

The Fortinet FortiGate next-generation firewall product is available as a virtual machine in Azure infrastructure as a service (IaaS). There are two licensing modes for this virtual machine: pay-as-you-go and bring-your-own-license (BYOL).

If the deployment uses the bring-your-own-license model, you'll see a prompt to upload a license. Select the license file created earlier, and upload it. Select OK and restart the FortiGate VM.

If this occurs, you will need to change the IP address in the Customer Service & Support portal to match the management IP and re-download the license file. To change the management IP address, see To edit the FortiAnalyzer VM IP address:

The license management is very valuable. You can get a new license each year, or you can enroll every two to four years. You can get the logs, and you will get the information on the risk in your network and the entire organization. With this information, you can take action on your actives, computers, or devices. You can bring your own device as an SSE.


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