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Hexagon 2.5 Free Serial Number

I downloaded Hexagon 2.5 , installed it... and it's asking for a serial key. It downloaded only the installation file, so there was no key written anywhere. Has anybody else had this happen? I thought it was free?

Hexagon 2.5 Free Serial Number

I downloaded it directly through the product information page where it had a big button saying "Download it Now" basically. It was just a plain .exe file, no key, etc. I ordered it through the store instead and it did indeed give me a serial number, don't know why I didn't think of that...

I realize that there are more important problems at the moment, but there still appears to be a free download of Hexagon. The download works to deliver the program, but never delivers a serial code. Sorry to be stupid, but is going to be the free full version for a while longer, or has that ship already sailed?Thanks

Not just me, but quite a few people seem to be having this issue, whereHexagon downloads but delivers no serial number. It is not in the readme,and I don't see it in my serial number list in the account profile. Should thisjust be attributed to the general problems the DAZ site has been havinglately?

It seems like they've changed things again. Before there was a zip file in the download link. Now there is an exe file in the download. The zip file containted a readme with a serial number, the exe does not have that. Looks like we're back to account linking serials or they just added the wrong file to the download link. Check your account for a serial number and if it's not there contact support.

Right at this moment, you can't download at all, so you would have had to have downloaded it before the website revamp which means the zip file readme has the serial number in it.

Under that system, you had to register an account with DAZ and then order the software and pay for it. Then you were assigned a unique serial number which was sent separately to your account, along with a link to download the executable installer.

When the software first became free, that system was still in place except that there was no option to pay for it - but you still had to register, and you still received a unique serial number in your account.

After a short while, DAZ pulled out all the stops and just posted a link to a zip file which was accessible to anyone visiting the site without registering. Anyone could now download the file anonymously, and everyone got the same installer and the same serial number. This serial number is in the zip file's "readme".

I just downloaded Hexagon today. It was a free version, but it wasn't a zip file. It was a setup program. The setup program installed everything okay, but when I ran it, it asked for a serial number. A readme file was included but all it had was a list of features for Hexagon. There was no serial number. As I said, I also checked My Account, looked under My Serial Numbers, and found nothing. Could you tell me were I can find the zip file you mentioned?

my download was an exe, so no readme, also you wont find in your serial numbers in your account as it was not an add to basket item,Also if im looking in the right thread in the above link thats a 025 code, we need a 026

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