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Top 10 Famous Albanians [UPDATED]

George Skanderbeg (Anglicised) was a famous Albanian commander and nobleman who served the Ottoman Empire between 1423-43, The Republic of Venice 1443-47 and the Kingdom of Naples from then until his death in 1468. He is the national hero of Albania and is well known for leading a rebellion against the Ottoman Empire from all over Albania and Macedonia. His actions against the Ottomans was seen as an important step towards defining and strengthening the ethnic identity of the Albanians, and he is still considered as the most persistent opponent of the Ottoman Empire.

Top 10 Famous Albanians

Jim Belushi is a famous Albanian-American actor that was born in 1953. He is famous for his roles on productions such as Twin Peaks (2017), Trading Places, K-9, The Ghost Writer, Underdog, and Saturday Night Live. Both parents originated from Korce, but Belushi was born in the US and graduated from Southern Illinois University Carbondale with a degree in Speech and Theatre Arts.

The brother of Jim, John Belushi was well known for his work as an actor, comedian and singer, as well as his raucous attitude and intense energy. He started his own comedy troupe at a young age before getting a stint on Saturday Night Live. His most famous gig forever was perhaps in The Blues Brothers, which went on to grow a cult following. During his life, Belushi suffered from personal issues involving drugs and drink and he sadly passed away due to an overdose in 1982.

This is a list of historical and living Albanians (ethnic Albanians or people of full and partial Albanian ancestry) who are famous or notable, sorted by occupation and div.hatnotepadding-left:1.6em; .hatnote .hatnote+link+.hatnotemargin-top:-0.5em

23. Gjon Mili was an Albanian-American photographer and artist who was best known for his contributions to the field of photography. He was born in Albania in 1904 and emigrated to the United States in 1924, where he became a citizen in 1929. Mili was a pioneering photographer and was one of the first to use stroboscopic photography to capture movement in still images. His most famous works include his photographs of ballerinas, athletes, and musicians, which he captured using his unique and innovative approach to photography.

30. Emina Cunmulaj is an Albanian famous supermodel in USA. She is now married to a millionaire like Sam Nazarian, and is the mother of two young girls. She has been working for the most famous brands in the world.

These famous Albanian people have made significant contributions to various fields and have had a profound impact on the world. They have helped to showcase the rich cultural heritage and diverse talents of the Albanian people to the world.

Vlore has many important historic sights, but perhaps the most famous of them is the Albanian Independence Proclamation Building, which is where Albania declared independence a little over 100 years ago.

7. With 1,213,472 followers, in the seventh place is Elvana Gjata , who, besides the fans in Albania, also counts foreign follower due to collaborations with international artists such as the well-known Poo Bear producer, famous DJ David Guetta, rapper Dolla $.

Dhërmi is probably the most famous Albanian beach due to its crystal clear seaside. During summer, it is very lively, and you can find some of the best hotels, restaurants, and beach bars in Albania. But if you would like to have a calmer vacation, probably it is best to not visit during the peak season, especially in August.

Ksamil is increasingly becoming famous not only in Albania but in Europe as well. That is due to its spectacular views combining white sand and blue waters decorated with three small islands. Two of the islands you can easily reach by swimming, and for the other one, you can rent a small boat or kayak. It is a great option for families, and you can also find accommodation nearby. However, it tends to get overcrowded during peak season.

Albania is a small country however there is a ton to see and do in this energizing best in class area. Slowly Albania is increasingly famous with travelers and it remains amazingly undiscovered, just as totally pristine. We gathered a list of top 10 cities in Albania from the tiny mountain village of Theth to the historic Gjirokastra. In recent years Albania becomes not to miss country in Europe for travelers as the nation offers some of the best places and cities in Albania to visit.

All of these mentioned cities are the Famous cities in Albania which are very famous among travelers as they offer a lot of things to do has several beautiful places to visit which will make your trip successful. Hope you liked our post kindly go through our other blogs also if you want to know more about Albania.

Known as the City of Serenades, Korçë is a quaint Albanian town in the southeastern part of the country, very close to the famous Ohrid Lake. The city center has undergone urban renewal and is now a charming place to stroll and admire the local heritage, especially the old Turkish quarter with traditional cafes and stylish restaurants. Also, the rustic neighborhoods in the city center feature picturesque squares, white-washed houses, and cozy inner courtyards.

Dhërmi is famous for the beach and party bars lining the seaside but uphill, the coastline village remains often unobserved despite its charming atmosphere. Dominated by a magical-looking old monastery, the village has narrow winding streets paved with cobblestone and white-washed houses with tiny inner courtyards shaded by vines. Dhërmi is undoubtedly one of the best-preserved Albanian villages where see, nature, and local architecture complement beach festivals and seaside vacations.

Once inside the headquarters of the infamous National Intelligence Service, also known as the House of Spies, there's a good chance you'll be speechless. Inside the House of Leaves you will learn the monstrous side of the dictatorial regime in Albania and the stories of the persecuted people who were not afraid to speak out against the regime.

At the most famous spot on Ksamil Beach, Three Islands, you can wade into the cold, shallow waters up to about chest height. If you visit during the summer like I did, the beach will likely be packed. Be prepared to share the waters with lots of families, children, and swimmers.

Pantheon has 42 people classified as politicians born between 300 BC and 1977. Of these 42, 16 (38.10%) of them are still alive today. The most famous living politicians include Sali Berisha, Alfred Moisiu, and Edi Rama. The most famous deceased politicians include Skanderbeg, Enver Hoxha, and Safiye Sultan. As of April 2022, 4 new politicians have been added to Pantheon including Koca Davud Pasha, Xhafer Ypi, and Monika Kryemadhi.

Pantheon has 22 people classified as soccer players born between 1939 and 1994. Of these 22, 21 (95.45%) of them are still alive today. The most famous living soccer players include Altin Lala, Igli Tare, and Erjon Bogdani. The most famous deceased soccer players include Panajot Pano.

All of the countries above, perhaps with the exception of Croatia and Greece, are famous among backpackers for their historically low prices, yet Albania succeeds in being even more affordable than any of those listed. In order to live comfortably as a digital nomad in Tirana, with some level of luxury, Americans would need, on average, US$2,452 per month.

Albania might not be as famous as other European destinations, but Albania surely has many tourist attractions that make the country worth to visit. Located in Southeastern Europe, on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, Albania offers excellent weather and stunning beaches to enjoy.

Visit the city centre's National History Museum to observe artefacts dating back to the middle ages and learn all about Albania's resistance to Ottoman occupancy in the 15th century. Or take a cable car up to the top of Dajti mountain on the famous Dajti Express.

It is so ironical that a greek claims human rights violation for 2 houses "demolishment".And they claim it against albanians which are the only people in Balkans who NEVER attacked their neighbouring countries. The people of that government which really did a ethnical cleansing and a genocide against albanian population of Cameria, people of a country where they claim for NO MINORITY inside inside borders - unike in the world ... even in tribal country states they do agree there are minorities.One of the most radical religious countries in the world tries to give democracy and tolerance speeches. Today, you are FAR AWAY from ancient Athinians and you are very close to Iran and North Korea.Best regards

Ummm..albania is and will always be hated..but at the same time i can say this that albania never killed innocent people the way the serbs did in srebrenica and ethnic cleansing of albanians...lets be just and give their dues when kosovo gained independence the serbs should have conceded it to them...i dont mind some albanians..remember every country has good and bad....

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