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the new origin palette for creating dashboards from a feature list of your project designs from origins main menu. all dashboards are saved automatically in the system tray. dashboards are a powerful tool for quickly previewing and creating several views of the data in an origin project. every view includes customizable data and visual options. with the origin design palette, you can quickly create a set of new visuals for data in your project and/or parameters.

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your ability to scale charts, graphs, and tables as much or as little as needed is a critically important factor for good data analysis. the origin plot graph scale line editor allows you to resize any plot or graph instance.

origin supports hierarchical folders so you can drag and drop as many worksheets in your project as needed without the folder details appearing in the window. the new "edit worksheet set" dialog is straightforward for opening the specified set of worksheets and for extending the number of rows and columns for improved worksheet display.

the new plot graph in outline can be used in the same manner as any other origin object except as a view-mode container. in the outline, when you resize and reposition the plot graph node, the node's interior will continue to change size to accommodate the new dimensions.

in the plot graph scale line editor, when you increase the range of a scale by dragging the ends and snapping them to the center of the graph, the new scale appears exactly on the axis line by default. you can then use the new scale line dialog to modify the position of the new scale. in this example, the original scale appears only along one axis while the new scale is shown on both. if you want to use the modified scale on the other axis, you must use the dialog to reposition the new scale.


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