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Halo 3 Custom Edition MP And SP Version Download

the spv3-dll is a tool to modify the game files and data directly in the game data folder. this is where the game executable is and the other files of the game. the modding tool will then recompile the game's executable and all the game data files and make them compatible with the mod. the modding tool also allows you to make changes to the way the game behaves, and to add new features and tweaks to it. the spv3-dll tool is the successor of the sp-3d tool that was released for halo: combat evolved and halo 2.

Halo 3 Custom Edition MP And SP Version Download

new weapon and attachment models are now available. some guns were added for customisation purposes, and many weapons were remade, including the classic lancer and br-50, to give a better look to the guns. new attachments such as the plasma cutter, energy pistol, beam rifle and flak cannon are included. modeling and textures have been reworked to make the weapons look more correct. all guns have been given a new feel to them, with new cool down effects and sounds.

the most iconic addition to spv3 is the addition of the covenant as the fifth playable faction. the covenant are the main antagonists in the halo games, and their appearance is reminiscent of the halo: ce original. the covenant has two playable characters, the hunter and the brute, which, like in halo: reach, has a different class for each. the hunter is a sniper, and the brute is a melee weapon specialist. the brute can use several melee weapons, like the plasma gun or the assault rifle. the hunter can use the acolyte and the sentinel beam. if the hunter dies, the player will have to re-enter the level from a different point, returning to where the hunter was killed, and the game will be restarted. other weapons can also be used by the hunter, such as the plasma rifle and the gravity hammer. the covenant can also be used for the covenant weapons and vehicles, such as the drop pod, the warthog and the warbelch, which can be found in different areas of the maps. the player can also use the covenant's new weapons, such as the plasmagun and the combat rifle. the covenant also have their own variety of classes, like the zealot and the warrior, that can be used for the covenant's weapons and vehicles. unlike the covenant in halo: ce, the covenant in spv3 are not played by a single character, but rather multiple characters that can interact with each other.


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