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NI Komplete 8 Kontakt 5 Library

To get your free copy of the Kontakt Factory Selection library, simply add Komplete Start to your Native Instruments account. The free Komplete Start bundle contains Kontakt Player, Kontakt Factory Selection, Play Series Selection, and other music production software goodies.

NI Komplete 8 Kontakt 5 Library

Kontakt Play Selection is another free Kontakt library from Native Instruments. It is based on a selection of presets from three different libraries: Analog Dreams, Ethereal Earth, and Hybrid Keys. Kontakt Play Selection contains 10 presets from each library.

As we already mentioned, the easiest way to get Kontakt Play Selection is to add the Komplete Start bundle to your Native Instruments account. You can then use the Native Access license manager to download and install the library.

The third free Kontakt library by Native Instruments is called Kinetic Treats. It is based on a collection of toy samples. The sampled source sounds were used to create more complex patches with the help of some clever processing powered by the Kontakt engine.

The 88E is a free experimental piano library for Kontakt Player. It is based on an idea by Mattias Krantz, who tuned every piano note to E and then used a giant cover to press all piano keys at the same time (playing the same note).

Impact Soundworks used a similar concept for The 88E library but with a more flexible approach. This virtual piano can play other notes, too, and comes with various adjustments. You can customize the envelope, transpose the keys, apply pitch bending, change the microphone position, and more.

The library was free for a while, but a recent update introduced Kontakt Player compatibility. This means that you can simply install it and use it with the free Kontakt Player plugin without any workflow restrictions.

Soniccouture is offering a selection of free Kontakt libraries in the Free Stuff section of their website. After signing up for a free Soniccouture account, new users will receive the serial numbers required for library activation in Native Access.

At the moment, Sonniccouture is offering six free Kontakt libraries: Choir Horns, RMI Rocksichord, Thunder Drum, Music Boxes, Tube Drum, and Tape Choir. Each library comes with a customized interface for fine-tuning and manipulating the sampled sounds.

Every once in a while, you need to spice up a song with an unusual sound or an obscure instrument. Hurdy Gurdy by Sonokinetic is exactly that, a free Kontakt library that provides a unique sonic texture.

Diamond Jazz Trio is a free Kontakt library that consists of a piano, alto saxophone, and double bass. It is a stripped-down version of the Diamond Jazz Orchestra library which features an entire orchestra.

The library also includes two alto saxophone patches. First is an experimental patch with a loopable sustain and a crescendo triggered upon key release. The second features four reverb types and nice legato transitions.

Arcane by Embertone is both a game and a sound library. Fully compatible with Kontakt Player, Arcane will require you to play a puzzle game before accessing its sounds. There are five instruments to unlock, and one bonus instrument is offered as a prize after all the puzzles have been solved. This bonus instrument is a beautiful alto vocal legato patch that is well worth unlocking.

The crossgrade method reportedly works with the Arcane library by Embertone. Multiple users have reported that they could access the Kontakt crossgrade offer as soon as Arcane was added to their Native Instruments account.

This is a comprehensive software sampler that enables you to create your own samples or use the 43GB library of included sounds. Kontakt 5 acts as the central nervous system for a number of instruments in Komplete 8, and it has its own compressors, EQs and filters.

So, what is the value of Komplete 8 Ultimate over regular Komplete you might ask. The good people at Native Instruments have provided a useful comparison chart to outline the differences. At a glance, Ultimate has everything you could possibly want! 50 included NI products as opposed to Komplete's 27, a sample library more than double the size of its predecessor. Interestingly, Razor is included with the Utimate bundle only, as are the Strings and Cinematic Evolve Mutations 1 and 2 and Session Strings Pro. More Effects, drum and percussion, guitar & bass and piano & keys libraries, too.

Evolution utilizes sophisticated scripting instead of requiring you to memorize dozens of keyswitches and contains extensive articulations, from palm mutes to pinch harmonics, accurately simulating a real life guitar performance. It features the detail and nuances that bring a guitar performance to life. Its proprietary string resonation engine creates a sense of organic realism unparalleled by other guitar sample libraries or VSTs. Even more, Evolution, doesn't require you to compromise your playing or sequencing workflow in order to adapt to its way of working -- instead, it uses a convenient mapping system, so that the sample library mapping can be quickly and easily customized to your personal preference.

Evolution covers rhythm and lead guitar playing -- which includes Orange Tree Samples powerful and advanced, yet easy to use, chord strumming functionality. The strumming system automates the time consuming task of sequencing realistic rhythm guitar parts, including an intelligent chord detection engine, which instantly translates chords on the keyboard into guitar voicings on the fretboard. Popular studio techniques like double tracking (and triple and quadruple tracking) are performed with the turn of a knob. Want to detune or capo the guitar? It's all easily done, and switching to alternate tunings not only affect the range of the instrument, but change the tone of the individual strings. To provide the greatest versatility, Evolution was recorded dry and includes an assortment of virtual stompbox effects, and a vast array of guitar cabinet impulses, all built directly into the sample library. That way users can choose their favorite select amp simulation and effects to attain just the right sound, from pop to rock to funk to hip hop to jazz right out of the box.

Evolution Strawberry licenses Native Instruments' Kontakt Player sampler software. Consequently, owning the full version of Kontakt is not necessary, and Evolution Strawberry operates without limitations within the free Kontakt Player application/plugin. This also allows the sample library to be listed in the libraries tab in Kontakt for convenient access.

Evolution Strawberry is NKS-ready. The integration with the Native Kontrol Standard presents many benefits, both when using the library in the Komplete Kontrol software as well as in conjunction with Komplete Kontrol hardware, such as the Komplete Kontrol S-Series keyboards and Maschine.

This product requires a total of 3.61 GB of free disk space in order to download and install the sample library. The total size of the download is 1.91 GB, and after installed the library occupies 1.7 GB.

Apocalypse Elements is a potent selection of aggressive soundtrack drums and cymbals for the free Kontakt Player, Komplete Kontrol and the S-Series Keyboard platform by Native Instruments. This library is an epic percussion powerhouse built for efficient workflow and incredible sound, with over 40 different drums, over 100 articulations, deep dynamic layering and 8 round-robin variations per velocity.

Buying this library at qualifies you for full credit toward the complete Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble, so you can upgrade any time you like! Click the upgrade icon to contact us for more info. Product upgrades are only available exlusively here at

This library is available for Kontakt 6.2.0 or Kontakt Player 6.2.0. Kontakt requires Windows 7 or higher and macOS 10.12 or higher, both 64-bit only. It comes in VST 2/3, AU, and AAX formats.

Choir Omnia is a KOMPLETE instrument that requires Kontakt 7 or above and 70 GB of free space to store its library. The Kontakt 7 minimum system requirements are Intel Macs (i5 or higher) and macOS 10.15 for Mac, Windows 1o or higher, 4 GB of ram, and 2 GB of hard disk space.

The library features two classifications of instrument engines: Designers and Performers. Each folder contains engines and instruments dedicated to specific purposes in trailer/film scoring.

Each engine in the library provides different features that allow you to manipulate and customize the samples or loops to your liking. Furthermore, macros let you control multiple parameters with the turn of a knob or your modulation wheel. This feature makes it a breeze to perform with the library.

This library is available for Kontakt 6.6.1 or Kontakt Player 6.6.1. Kontakt requires Windows 7 or higher and macOS 10.13 or higher, both 64-bit only. It comes in VST 2/3, AU, and AAX formats.

The developers worked with Koichiro Muroyo, the conductor behind the sound, to build the Tokyo Scoring Strings. This library provides all the nuances of an authentic string ensemble featured in many globally favored soundtracks from Japanese media.

Similarly, Mitsunori Aizawa, the recordist and mixing engineer, is also responsible for the sound in many of these famed scores. So, with these skilled professionals and the sound of Sound City studio, Impact Soundworks has produced a sampled instrument library unlike anything else.


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