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Best Place To Buy Photo Booth Props [NEW]

Browse and use the search bar above to find the most beautifully designed professional photo booth props and PVC signs, our versatile Enjoy Photo Booth iPad Kiosk, amazing selection of backdrop frames and stands, backdrop fabrics, including pillowcase backdrop style and our tension fabric backdrops, sequin backdrops, rosette backdrops and other exclusive materials, as well as promotional banners and roll ups, printer carry cases with wheels or without, photo albums, photo folders and frames 46 photos or photo booth strips and more. Plus, we add new innovative products regularly that will make your work life easier and streamlined. Check out our Photo Booth Marketing guide to get your game on & join our newsletter to stay in the loop!

best place to buy photo booth props


For a glam-meets-contemporary feel, we love these party-ready stick props, which can do double (or triple!)-duty at an engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party, and more! Think about how much fun your wedding party will have when they grab these props on their way to the photo booth!

Another take on the wedding photo booth prop: the Polaroid-style frame! Guests simply hold up the frame and strike a pose! This simple, streamlined version emblazoned with the words "best day ever" will complement a variety of wedding decoration styles.

Going the DIY photo booth route? This printable personalized picture frame is a fun prop to add to your assortment. Work with a local printing shop to print this frame out on a large piece of card stock or poster board for a durable and oh-so cute photo booth prop!

Hosting a larger wedding? With 72 pieces, this wedding photo booth prop kit features everything you could possibly need, from speech bubbles to bow ties, rings, sunglasses, signage, and more. No matter how many guests fill your photo booth, everyone is sure to find a prop they'll love.

Part of the fun of stepping into a wedding photo booth is playing a little dress up. This kit features hats, wigs, gloves, masks, and more. These accessories can also serve as party favors at the end of the night.

Don't compromise the ideas you have in mind for your party because of limited photo booth prop options! Lush Party Studio Props offers a wide variety of modern props, that will create memorable photo booth experiences. Created with fun events & parties in mind, Prop Culture's photo booth props are sure to be a fun, eye-catching addition for all events. Your customers will thank you!

Stick props are printable cardboard cutouts which you can hold with, well, sticks. These are the most common and affordable type of selfie prop, and almost every photo booth will come with a variety of them.

Now that you've decided on a photo booth for your wedding reception, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, corporate event, or birthday party, the next step is to give your guests photo booth props to show off their fun side! Shop Windy City Novelties for complete sets of photo booth accessories and get free shipping and affordable bulk pricing on many orders. Our selection of props for photo booths includes hats, goofy glasses, cardboard stand-ups, wigs, and feather boas. Our wearables and LED props will make your guests smile and say cheese all night. Incorporate a photo booth into your birthday party supplies to provide your friends and family with a printable souvenir that will make them smile for years to come. Photo booths make a great addition to graduation parties, retirement parties, and more. Weddings are another opportunity for our creative party accessories for sale. Once you have all of your wedding party supplies picked out, take a look at our selection of photo booth props. Whether your theme is Western, Hollywood, Mustache, or Luau, Windy City Novelties has the photo booth accessories needed to make your night one to remember.

Are you looking to start a photo booth business or expanding your current business. Introducing a modern and stylish photo booth that is easy to setup, and is totally portable. This photo booth can fit in any car type, and requires no tools for assembly. Various packages and options are available to suit those wanting a turn-key package, or a simple enclosure. An easy to access and convenient camera tilt mechanism is located on the back to angle the camera up or down.

A photo booth is an invitation to fun for any of your customers who decide to give it a try. A Face Place photo booth offers Smile 2.0 editing software which can allow your customers to dress up their photos in many different ways. But you can add even more fun to your photo booth by including some props for your customers to use when taking their pictures. Not only are props fun to use when taking pictures, they also make the end result more fun to look at.

While you want to offer props to your customers, you might want to give them the option of making their own props as well. Once a month, you can set up a day where customers are invited to bring in their own props to use in pictures. You might even offer a prop making workshop where customers pay a small fee to make their own props to use in your photo booth.

Christmas in July is becoming a very popular gimmick for retailers online, on television, and in brick and mortar stores. While you should beef up your prop inventory for seasonal times of year, you should always have props available for every season all year long. When customers come into your business looking to take Christmas or Halloween pictures in August, you will collect repeat business when they find that your photo booth props are ready all year round.

There are standard props photo booth owners get for seasons such as Christmas and Thanksgiving that everyone expects to see. If you want to increase your photo booth business, then try to find different props that people would never expect. Remember that the props you use have to fit into your photo booth, but that should not stop you from being creative and finding props that are not common.

A photo booth can be the center of attention in your business if you use it properly. By adding fun props to your photo booth, you can bring in customers all year round who want to take pictures that they cannot take anywhere else.

We are constantly adding to our collection of original photo booth prop designs for a fresh look at photo booth props. Spice up your photo booth photos with mix-and-match themes of your own, or visit our Bundles to find coordinating groups of photo booth props.

We've got you covered whether you're looking for something traditional or a little more on the quirky side! So get ready to snap some amazing memories with these fun and funky props! We put together this list of 20 of our favorite props that will make your wedding photos unforgettable.

Photo booths bring out the best in weddings and other occasions, as everyone loves to ham it up for the camera. But photo booths are not just for fun and games; they can also be a powerful marketing tool, as businesses have started to realize.

Now that you know all about photo booths and their benefits, it's time to start thinking about what props you'll need for your big day! And don't worry, we've got you covered with the 25 best photo booth props for weddings!

A wooden photo booth sign is a type of wedding photo booth prop used to create a personalized photo booth area. These signs can add a rustic or vintage touch to wedding photos and can be customized with phrases such as "Team Bride" or "Best Day Ever."

The Boho Welcome Sign Wedding Photo Easel is a personalized wooden gift that can be used as a display for wedding photos. It can be used as a floor easel and set up as a photo booth at a wedding reception.

The Zesliwy Rose Gold Confetti Balloons include 50 12-inch white and rose gold latex balloons filled with rose gold confetti and 33 feet of rose gold ribbon. The balloons are perfect for creating a dazzling photo booth backdrop and can be used to decorate the bridal party.

It is a long, soft boa made of feathers that can be draped around a person's neck, shoulders, and arms in a photo booth. Feather boas add a touch of glamor to wedding party photos and can be used to create a playful or flirtatious atmosphere.

You can add a touch of glamor to your wedding or engagement party photo booth with Tigerdoe Feather Boas. This 2-pack of marabou boas is 72 inches long, perfect for draping over shoulders or using as a prop in your photos.

Personalized photo face mask kits are a fun and unique way to add a special touch to your bachelorette party. These custom-made masks feature a photo of your choice, making them a perfect addition to your wedding photo booth or as a fancy dress prop.

Fans are a great wedding photo booth prop because they provide a fun and interactive way to capture memories. They can be personalized with the couple's names or initials and come in various colors and styles.

Flower crowns provide a fun and beautiful addition to any wedding photo booth experience. They are easy to make, making them an affordable and creative option. You can have your party supplier supply them if you need help to make them yourself.

Oversized glasses are a popular trend among couples who want to add a playful and fun element to their wedding photography. These glasses are typically large and colorful and can be worn by the bride and groom and their guests during the photo booth session.

Some examples of jewelry that you can use as props include tiaras, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. These props can create fun and unique poses for the wedding party and guests. They can also add a theme or color scheme to the photo booth.

The Blue Panda Wedding Photo Booth Kit has various jewelry props, such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings, that guests can use to accessorize and add a touch of glamor to their photo booth photos.

The Battife 14 pack white confetti is a fun and festive prop that can be used in a wedding photo booth. The confetti wands are made of tissue paper and feature a flick-flutter design, which allows the confetti to fly out when the wand is waved. 041b061a72


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