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Where Can I Buy Plexiglass Cut To Size


Tolerances for the length and width of standard cut-to-size acrylic plexiglass panels range +/-1/8" (but these do tend to be more precise). If you or your team require a greater degree of accuracy, please contact us.

Tolerances for acrylic sheet thickness can range between +10% and - 10% . These can differ throughout the plexiglass panel, but variations are typically less than 5%. Nominal and actual sheet thicknesses can be found below:

In order to cut curves into plexiglass, you can opt for a jigsaw, a dremel, or you can take more manual approach. This would include using a table saw with closely spread teeth, cutting the edges off of the sides around your acrylic to make it as circular as possible. Then, sand the circumference of your sheet.

Plexiglass is shatter-resistant and has 17 times the impact strength of glass but can be broken when enough force is applied. However, when plexiglass does break, it does not shatter into sharp pieces, like its glass counterpart.

Plexiglass can be cut by hand using a scoring knife or a Dremel tool. In both instances, you would use a marker or ruler to indicate where you intend to cut it. To cut the material with a scoring knife, you should make a small cut in the marked area. Then place the sheet on a table with the marked side facing up. Bend the acrylic over the edge to cut the acrylic sheet. For a Dremel, you should clamp the material down and slowly make the cut. Water will help ensure that the Dremel does not overheat and ruin the plastic. Sand the acrylic after for a smooth edge. More detailed instructions can be found here.

At Fluorolite Plastics, we have an extensive inventory of wholesale clear acrylic sheets at the lowest prices. We can provide color plexiglass on request as well. You can fill up the Quote request or call us now.

Shop for Acrylic sheets, rods, and tubes. Best known as "plexiglass", acrylic comes in extruded or cast, film or paper masked, clear, and colors. Grades include general purpose clear acrylic, abrasion resistant, impact modified, light diffusing, bullet resistant, sign-grade, non-glare, antimicrobial, and digital. Want cut acrylic We can cut-to-size and fabricate acrylic for your application.

Transparent Yellow Plexiglass (Acrylic) #2208 is a versatile colored plastic material that has great impact strength yet is light weight. With transparent colored plexiglass, light is capable of passing through the material making it possible to see through it. Plexiglass (acrylic) can be used for a number of applications such as signage, displays, aquarium tanks, custom computer cases, and much more. Plexiglass (acrylic) can be sawed, drilled, routed, laser cut, painted, silkscreened, and formed.For non-transparent colored plexiglass sheets, please visit our solid colored sheets. For fluorescent colored plexiglass sheets, please visit our fluorescent colored sheets. All of our transparent colored plexiglass sheets are cast, and come with a paper masking on both sides.

Working times will vary depending on project size and complexity as well as our current production schedule. Turnaround times can be as little as 3 business days or as long as several weeks. Please see above for our current estimated lead time. If you need something in a hurry, let us know your deadline and we will advise you on your options including rush services.

People have a huge range of uses for acrylic. Many household projects and home improvements can be finished off with colored or clear plastic sheets. Some people just want a sheet of plastic to replace a shed or greenhouse window, as it is cheaper and safer to use high impact, shatterproof acrylic than real glass. Other uses include kitchen splash-backs, and counter tops, table protectors, and picture framing. Additional projects that use larger sheets which have been coming into our workshop recently have been tanking for showers and wet-rooms. Incredibly fashionable, while also being unbelievably practical, sheet plastic can be cut to any size you need and is available in any color you want.

Plastic sheet is also incredibly easy to clean, maintain and cheap to replace if it becomes damaged. And being able to buy online with delivery anywhere in the Canada makes it an easy and convenient material to use in all sorts of applications, no matter how large or small.

One of our many services at Great Falls Ace Hardware is plexiglass cutting or glass cutting to size. We have an area prepared in the store. We also source an array of glass sizes to make sure the item is totally what you need. Need a window repaired Or maybe even a glass table was shattered and you need the glass interchanged Our professional employees will cut to size and measure the glass for a hasty turn around time so you can reach the finish line with your project or fix.

Are you on the job with a specialized venture that calls for a particular size square or rectangle shape glass or plexiglass piece Perhaps you need to restore a wall shelving, old window, or any glass shelf Our patrons have brought in a lot of items for replacement glass, like shower doors, as well as, items they are re-purposing, like glass furniture or shelving. Call us for all your glass replacements with so many sizes, we are sure to correct the situation.

One of our multiple services at Dye Home Improvement is cutting glass or plexiglass cutting to size. Serving the Monticello and Monon population, we have a shop constructed straight in the store. We also supply an array of glass sizes to determine the item is indeed what you need. Need a window fixed Or perhaps even a glass table was crushed and you need the glass replaced Our skillfull company will cut and measure the glass for a rapid turn around time so you can move on with your project or fix.

Are you busy with a unique venture that demands a specified size square or rectangle shape glass or plexiglass piece Or Maybe it could be you need to replace a glass shelf, refrigerator shelf, or an old window Our customers have brought in loads of items for replacement glass, like windows, as well as, items they are re-purposing, like glass furniture or shelving. See us at Dye Home Improvement for all your glass replacements with so many lengths, we will be sure to help.

Acrylic is an extremely durable material that is less than half the weight of glass and can be machined in many different ways including Diamond Polishing, Line Bending, Laser Cutting, CNC Cutting and Glueing. All our Acrylic Sheets can be purchased cut to your exact size. All our products are delivered directly to your door. We also offer a full price match guarantee, so you can be assured that you are buying an Acrylic Sheet at the most competitive prices online!

Our yellow fluorescent acrylic sheets permit the transmission of light while offering a superior edge glow and colored tint without diffusion. Objects can be seen through a fluorescent acrylic sheet. They are remarkably durable and can be used for a variety of purposes ranging from store fixtures, displays, pedestals, shelving, signs, framing, and many other projects. These yellow plexiglass sheets are easy to saw or laser cut, drill, polish, heat bend, and route.

Acrylic tube is available in a range of diameters and wall thicknesses in clear and coloured finishes. Plastic tubes are strong yet lightweight and suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Order perspex tubing cut to size.

Our clear polycarbonate sheets offer unique durability making it an almost unbreakable form of plastic. With 30x the impact strength of standard acrylic sheets and over 250x the impact strength of glass at the equivalent thickness, our solid polycarbonate sheeting is perfect for use in the roofing industry. From canopy roofs & conservatory roofs to greenhouse roofing, all of our polycarbonate sheeting can be cut to size to make sure it's the perfect fit for your project.

Our acrylic mirror sheets are a lightweight, highly reflective mirrored surface with a durable hard panel on the reverse. Due to its shatter resistance, lightweight and high impact strength, acrylic mirror is a common alternative to glass and is used in environments where safety is paramount. Applications include gym mirrors acrylic displays, stable mirrors and many decorative DIY projects.

Our acrylic sheeting is cut to size to tolerances of within 1mm. We also offer you the possibility to have your panel customised to your specification with a range of fabrication options. These services include Polishing, Radius Corners and Screw Holes. When selecting your radius corners, you can choose your radial size. Also, for screw holes, you can choose the size of the screw hole and choose the location too.

If you're ordering our plastic sheet cut to size for a specific room in your house, we have detailed buying guides that can help you through the process of selecting the perfects size, colour and thickness of acrylic sheeting for your specific project.

Our acrylic sheets are available in a range of sizes up to 3040mm x 2040mm. Call us on 01455240093 for more information. We can cut our plastic sheeting to your desired size to minimise cost and waste.

Perspex Sheet UK is the biggest online stockist of Perspex acrylic plastic sheets made to measure and cut to size in any shape, any size. Simply enter the dimensions of the acrylic sheet that you require for an instant online price and buy now with our fast delivery options.

Once you have placed your made to measure cut to size plastic sheet, we will cut and add any fabrication required and deliver to your door without the offcut waist, time and risk of mistakes and damage to the materials, so you can simply just fit the finished product with ease. 59ce067264


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