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What Ho! Series launches with P. G. Wodehouse on... Food

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Praise for Volume 3 “The Happiness of the World”

“This is a magnificent book. Kent’s erudition, scholarship and easy

turn of phrase makes it a must read for Wodehouse fans young and

old. By placing the man, his character and his writing so effortlessly

and brilliantly into the context of his times he gets to the nub of his

greatness in a way others haven’t. Reading this book was an utter joy.”

David Cazalet, PGW’s great grandson

“Paul’s books are extraordinarily well researched, detailed, sometimes

complex - and extremely readable, so I could review [Volume 3] in six

words: ‘Engaging, engrossing, entertaining - and hugely important’”.

Wooster Sauce, Journal of the P G Wodehouse Society (UK)

Praise for Volumes 1 & 2

“Despite Wodehouse’s antipathy towards critics, Kent’s first volume

demonstrates just how much the thick-skinned of us have to explore

in his work. It is therefore excellent news that we await two more

volumes of his work that can help us to unpick that poetry and try to

better understand the source of that “sunlit perfection”.

Eliza Easton in the Times Literary Supplement (TLS)

“I have been enthralled while reading it . . . [Kent’s] accounts of Plum

himself, and so many of his major characters, are consistently masterful

and compelling, bringing time and again new and fascinating insights

into their backgrounds, characters and motivations. The book is indeed

a masterpiece”.

Sir Edward Cazalet, PGW’s grandson

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