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How to Watch Players (2012) in Hindi Online or Offline Legally

so at the moment theres a real sense of excitement because these are really unusual organisations, and theres an almost a sense that the potential is untapped. and so its like we are in the best of times.

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some of the things that are happening are pretty unbelievable. you talk about 10 years ago an independent channel trying to to get you know to do something with these large groups of viewers, and at that time there was a sense that its going to be some kind of supervised effort and that people werent going to do anything crazy. but it just seemed almost inevitable that we would have an ad-supported network.

there were many of these networks that sprung up - its not surprising at all, and a lot of the models that they have around, for example, the tlc model, you know you have 10 million viewers for free and if you want to do more you pay but its like a kind of licence fee, that model wasnt really in the cards when i first moved into television.

now they have started creating models where you are paying for content but you have a two-hour ad commercial every hour. and that really wasnt possible 10 or 15 years ago, and now its like, oh thats a great idea!

there has to be a conversation about what kind of service, for example, star world in india is going to offer. and it can be a very interesting discussion about what kinds of content that is going to be offered. and what kind of channels they are going to support. and how that kind of service is going to be delivered and priced.

offers on cable services (especially movies) are expected to increase by as much as 500 per cent in the next 12 months, according to telecom industry analysts. so who cares if its not 100 per cent perfectly certain that the subscribers make it to the net. as always, its all about marketing and theres too much of it.


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