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Download Latest Firmware And Driver Download For All Surface Devices |BEST|

To find the link for the driver you need, select the dropdown list below and then scroll through it to find the type of Surface you have. After you've selected it, you'll see the available links for that type of Surface device model. Select the link for your model to get the latest firmware and drivers for sound, display, ethernet, and Wi-Fi.

Download latest firmware and driver download for all Surface devices


If multiple downloads are available and you want to update your Surface with the latest drivers and firmware from the Download Center, select the .msi file name that matches your Surface model and version of Windows and select Next. For example:

How you manage Surface driver and firmware updates may vary depending on your environment and organizational requirements. In larger organizations, IT admins typically stage deployments internally and allocate time to test upgrades before rolling them out to user devices.

This article is intended for IT professionals and technical support agents and applies to Surface devices only. If you're looking for help to install Surface updates or firmware on a home device, see Download drivers and firmware for Surface.

For earlier devices that include separate files for different Windows versions, select the .msi file name that matches the Surface model and version of Windows. The .msi file name includes the minimum supported Windows build number that's required to install the drivers and firmware. For example, to update a Surface Book 2 that has build 18362 of Windows 10, choose SurfaceBook2_Win10_18362_19.101.13994.msi. For a Surface Book 2 that has build 16299 of Windows 10, choose SurfaceBook2_Win10_16299_1803509_3.msi.

Tools for managing devices, including driver and firmware updates, are included in Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Microsoft Endpoint Manager includes Microsoft Intune, Windows Autopilot, and Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager.

Microsoft Endpoint Manager is the recommended solution for large organizations to manage Surface updates. Configuration Manager allows you to synchronize and deploy Surface firmware and driver updates with the Configuration Manager client. Integration with Intune lets you see all your managed, co-managed, and partner-managed devices in one place. The Microsoft Surface Management Portal is a centralized place in the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center where you can self-serve, manage, and monitor your organization's Intune-managed Surface devices at scale.

To get better performance, you should update the drivers and firmware regularly on your Microsoft Surface device. In this post, MiniTool Software will tell you how to download and update Surface drivers and firmware on your device, as well as some other related information.

Software and hardware on Microsoft Surface devices are updatable. For better performance, you'd better keep them up to date. The same goes for Microsoft Surface drivers and firmware. Well then, how to download and update Microsoft Surface drivers and firmware? How to update Windows 10 or Windows 11 to the latest version to experience new features and make full use of the bug fixes? In this article, you will find the related guides.

When you want to update an offline device, update multiple devices with the same model, or when you want to create system images for your organization, you can choose to manually download and update them on your Surface device.

The Microsoft Surface drivers for different models are different. If you want to download drivers and firmware for Surface, you first need to make sure which Surface model you are using. You also need to check your Windows version you are using.

Microsoft also introduces other ways for you to update Windows 10/11 to the latest version. For example, you can use the Windows 10/11 Update Assistant to update your computer to the latest Windows version. You can also download Windows 10/11 Media Creation Tool and use it to create a Windows 10/11 installation USB drive, then install Windows 10/11 from USB.

Want to download and update drivers and firmware for Surface? Want to update your software and system on your Surface Book/Go/Laptop/Pro/Studio? Want to update hardware like Surface Dock/Hub? You can just learn what can you do from this article.

Here you can download drivers for DisplayLink USB graphics chipsets incorporated in your dock, adapter or monitor. We recommend to update to the latest driver to address any potential security issue, fix bugs, improve performance and add new features.

To install the MK2-USB / MK3-USB driver on a computer without internet, first download the MK2-USB / MK3-USB driver using VEConfig3 and install it by selecting the menu Special -> USB Drivers. Only afterwards connect the MK2-USB / MK3-USB to your computer for the first time.

Dell Drivers & Downloads website allows you to download drivers, firmware, and some software applications for Dell desktops, laptops, all-in-one computers, docking stations, tablets, mobile devices, printers, monitors, projectors, servers, storage & networking devices, and so on.

(a) On-line troubleshooting via a searchable Knowledgebase, answers to frequently asked questions, the latest driver and firmware downloads, and email support at (b) Toll free telephone support at 1-800-OK-CANON (652-2666), Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time (excluding holidays).

In the Windows Update, select Check for updates. Please wait for a moment, If driver updates are available, they will download and install automatically through Windows Update. During the installation process you may be prompted to restart your surface. Restart your Surface after the updates have installed.

Device drivers are different from firmware. Device driver software is installed on the OS, whereas firmware is lower-level code that is installed on hardware devices. Firmware is stored in non-volatile memory, such as ROM, Erasable Programmable ROM (EPROM), or flash memory.

The Surface Dock is a valuable tool that lets Surface users quickly and easily add connectivity options to their PCs via a single Surface Connect port, including power, Ethernet, audio, USB 3.0, and DisplayPort. Because the Dock features its own internal chipset, Microsoft can release firmware updates to fix issues or enhance functionality. Microsoft says Windows Update can automatically download Surface Dock firmware updates, but for some reason, that doesn't always happen. If Windows Update isn't downloading the latest Surface Dock firmware, or you just want to make sure you have the latest release, you can download the tool and update on your own.

Updating the firmware on Microsoft's Surface Dock is easy if you know how to do it and you download the right utility: Microsoft's Surface Dock Updater, which is part of the company's Surface Tools for IT toolset.

Welcome to our download tool. By downloading a driver, you agree to the terms and conditions of the applicable End User License Agreement (EULA) on behalf of yourself and the company you represent. View the applicable EULA by clicking on the EULA link in the Notes. Choose a category to begin:

KorEXO v2 is optimized for computers and tablets running Windows OS. The software is included on a USB flash drive that ships with all new EXO Systems. Updates to KorEXO Software are downloaded from the YSI website, along with the latest instrument firmware.

If you've experienced problems with automatically downloading the latest firmware versions for your EXO equipment using KOR Software, you can attempt a manual update using this firmware package. This will update the EXO Sonde to version 1.0.83.

Caution: If you are using the AUX inputs on your current setup of the 5200, you will need to send the instrument to YSI for an upgrade. The firmware that is downloaded will not allow the AUX ports to be as accurate as your current setup so YSI will perform a calibration. Please contact Technical Support,, for a Service Request number to get your 5200 upgraded and calibrated.

If you have manually downloaded an .IMG file from an authorized Bluesound Support source, you may copy it to the root directory of a FAT32 or NTFS formatted USB stick and upgrade the firmware without connecting the Player to the network.

NOTE 2: You should download and unzip the firmware into a folder of your choice. Make sure you have access to the .eeprom files. 1. For the G11 or EXOS 2 PMC-Eight system you will require a DB9 Serial (male) to USB A adapter cable. A mini-USB to USB A cable is required for the iEXOS 100 mount.2. Connect your cable between the PMC-Eight and Computer and power up the PMC- Eight system3. Start the PMC-Eight Configuration Manager4. Determine the firmware .eeprom file you need. Consult the readme.txt file to determine the correct firmware you require for your mount.5. Select the Advanced tab in the PMC-Eight Configuration Manager program.6. Under the "Load FIRMWARE into PMC-Eight EEPROM" section at the lower left, use the ellipsis button to select the file location and eeprom file you wish to load.7. Click the Upload EEPROM button to install the firmware.8. Monitor the progress of the upload which should only take 15 - 20 seconds9. Verify you see the successful installation message in the log window.Your PMC-Eight system is now updated.


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