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Scary Movie 5

In a post-credits scene, Sheen wakes up, with Dom Kolb sitting beside him, from a dream extraction, i.e. the whole movie was a dream. After Kolb informs that Sheen will be sleeping with Lohan, a car crashes into the room, killing Sheen. Lohan is revealed as the driver; she gets out of the car, says to Kolb, "You were driving," and throws him the keys, blaming the accident on him.

Scary Movie 5

Parents need to know that Scary Movie 5 is the latest in the increasingly tired series of horror movie spoofs begun in 2000 by the Wayans brothers (and now continued by others). Like the others, it's filled with vulgar, rude humor and relies on slapstick, stereotypes, crude bodily jokes, and sexual innuendo for laughs. It also includes some horror violence, notably a scene of dismemberment (out of Evil Dead) that's filled with blood. There are also meant-to-be comical scenes of parents punching and smacking children (both accidentally and on purpose). Though there's no graphic nudity or sex, innuendo is very strong, and there's plenty of racy stuff. In the opening sequence, Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan make a sex tape, there's a lesbian sex scene, and a pool party sequence shows haunted pool vacuum cleaners drinking and doing drugs. Language includes one "f--k" and many uses of "s--t." Some teens may be interested, but otherwise, this series has run out of steam.

If SCARY MOVIE 5 isn't busy lazily riffing on specific shots from its source movies, it fills in the gaps with the expected bodily fluid jokes, sexual innuendo, and stereotypes. It also throws in several cameos, including Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan in the opening scene. Only Snoop Dogg seems to be relaxed enough to get some laughs in. This is a big waste of time, drawing one more gasp out of a series that should have given up the ghost long ago.

The fifth installment in the Scary Movie franchise has been taken over by Malcolm D. Lee -- Spike's cousin and the director of the very funny Undercover Brother. The writers are David Zucker and Pat Proft, who were responsible for the very funny Naked Gun movies. None of that former humor comes through in this lazy effort, which smacks of a routine attempt to replicate those wonderful old MAD magazine movie spoofs.

Maybe being the next Anna Faris is just what the doctor ordered for Lohan, who will be seen first in the very under wraps TV movie Liz & Dick, which Lifetime is promoting so far only with a still of the 25-year-old actress dolled up like Elizabeth Taylor, rather than with any juicy scenes from the drama.

Scary Movie 5 is a 2013 horror comedy parodying the movies "Mama" and "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" along with references to other horror and sci-fi movies. The fifth and (so far) final film in the Scary Movie franchise, it was released on April 12, 2013 without any ties to the previous movies in the franchise inasmuch as it doesn't feature the series' central characters, Cindy Campbell or Brenda Meeks.

Lindsay Lohan's cameo is surely the biggest selling point of "Scary Movie 5," so let's get it out of the way first, just as the movie does. It's exactly what you'd expect: Lohan is about to make a sex tape with Charlie Sheen, but first they have to remove their court- ordered tracking devices. Then come the jokes about her driving, his partying and their shared familiarity with the Los Angeles legal system.

Following in the footsteps of its predecessors, Scary Movie 5 dishes out the expected crude humor while spoofing other popular horror movies. This one begins with a couple bring home a baby that proves to be a bundle of terror.

Instead the blonde female lead is played by Ashley Tisdale who may be best known for her recurring role in the TV series The Suite Life of Zack and Cody or the High School Musical movies. Like the spoofs Date Movie and Epic Movie that take stabs at romantic comedies and Hollywood hits, the Scary Movie films purport to parody horror films, in this case Mama, The Cabin in the Woods and Paranormal Activity along with a host of other recent releases like The Black Swan, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Inception, Evil Dead and the Madea movies. But what Scary Movie 5 ends up being is little more than an excuse for disgusting depictions of bathroom humor, the comedic portrayal of illegal drug use and ongoing crude sexual content (including Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan wrestling under the sheets, a lesbian encounter involving food items and a vacuum cleaner used as a sexual stimulator for an animal).

Scary Movie 5 is considered by many as one of the worst movies ever made, so much so that it even earned a minuscule 4 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. However, this goofy parody has aged shockingly well, and while it may not be for everyone, it's certainly not the trash fire it was originally made out to be.

The Scary Movie franchise has always been a staple in the parody movie sub-genre, but the idea to reboot the franchise entirely for the fifth installment was never something fans necessarily wanted. So, when the film was released in 2013, the series had already lost its momentum, and people were going in expecting it to be awful.

The fact that Scary Movie 5 didn't feature any of the original cast members and its existence almost felt pointless led any random cameo or bizarre gag to be overlooked. But now, seven years later, aspects of the low-brow comedy that once seemed meaningless now offer a strange sense of nostalgia that provides a reason to watch the movie, something that many didn't believe it had initially.

From the way the critics ravaged this campy sequel, it would seem as though the movie was just a rehash of other films and had no originality at all. However, that's far from the truth, as Scary Movie 5 features a segment that depicts vacuums coming alive and throwing a party. The vacuums look as though they were made via stop-motion animation, and it appeared as though this took a lot of time and effort to achieve. A film as abysmal and poorly-made as the one described by critics normally wouldn't feature something so involved and well-crafted.

Obviously, Scary Movie 5 is far from great cinema, but it has that so-bad-it's-good quality that is worth a second look, especially for fans of the franchise. Movies such as Sharknado and Zombeavers capture a similar essence that only certain films can; movies that are unashamed to go as far as they want to and have fun doing it, no matter how technically bad they may be considered.

The movie is also ridiculously watchable, starting with a meta opening gag featuring Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan having an intimate encounter where literally anything goes. Some parodies will lure you in with a star-studded opening and then bore you for the rest of the runtime. Scary Movie 5 immediately cuts to Snoop Dogg and Mac Miller after the opening, proving to the audience that if they just lose their inhibitions and forget any preconceived notions, they will be in for a raunchy, cameo-filled comedy that is worth the watch.

Went in hoping they would mix it up and make this one better. I was disappointed. They recycled all the old physical comedy everyone has seen a million times, and I actually like parody movies. This film was poorly made and just not funny. Two out of five stars.

Marlon Wayans, who originally created the "Scary Movie" franchise alongside his brothers Keenen Ivory Wayans and Shawn Wayans back in 2000, said in an interview that the studio asked the Wayans Brothers to return for Scary Movie 5 (2013), but the brothers declined. Marlon Wayans later released his own horror movie spoof, A Haunted House (2013), which performed so well at the box office that it spawned a sequel, with A Haunted House 2 (2014) released the following year.

Evil Dead (2013) remake is spoofed in this movie, although it was released only one week before. The "Scary Movie" producers approached the Evil Dead (2013) script and basically spoofed the trailer. The Fifty Shades of Grey (2015) movie was not even in production yet, but it was already spoofed in this film.

The spell "Gort Klaatu Barada Nikto" was originally heard in the 1951 science fiction movie The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) as a phrase with which to awaken Gort, the mechanical guardian, and ordering him to protect Klaatu, the alien visitor played by Michael Rennie. The phrase was also used in the movie's 2008 remake starring Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Connelly, and a similar phrase is used in Army of Darkness (1992).

Director and writer David Zucker said in an interview that the movie's release actually had a three-year wait because the studio tried to convince him to return to direct. Finally, the studio and Zucker agreed that Zucker returns, but as a writer. Then the studio hired Malcolm D. Lee to direct after Lee helmed Soul Men (2008) for the same studio. Before Zucker was added to write, the initial script was delivered by writers Steve Leff, John Aboud and Michael Colton. Zucker rewrote it first together with Lee and later again with his long-time writing partner Pat Proft.

Even though a majority of scenes were deleted from the movie, the DVD and Blu-Ray only included 8 of the deleted scenes. The first trailer showed snippets of other deleted scenes that were not included. Audiences were curious if there was an original cut without the reshoots. That has never been released.

(at around 1h 11 mins) Both director/writer David Zucker and the sound mixer, Chris Durfy, are avid Green Bay Packers fans and Wisconsin natives. They both have a cameo in the Black Swan (2010) spoof near the end of the movie, dressed as Packer fans for the "Lambeau Leap."

The filming for this movie began on Tuesday, September 4, 2012 and wrapped on Thursday, October 25, 2012. Additional footage recordings and re-shoots occurred between January and February, 2013, with ADR sessions taking part in March and April.

David Zucker offered a small role to Donna Harrison before "Scary Movie 5" was in the works. Her scene was shot, however it was cut from the movie and it was not found on the Deleted Scenes section of the DVD. 041b061a72


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