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Side A dates to July 1979. Side B gives us a full year's evolution to July 1980, while Sides C and D land the listener in September 1980. Perhaps 120 people in total saw these three Longhorn performances. Until now, a handful at most have heard the playbacks. So, rare and fresh, it's all here: the songs, the driven performances, the small club intimacy of being in front of select friends, fans, and peers, with one fair shot at getting it right. These four sides compellingly document that you can't doubt that they did.


Getting the Queen of Cards to the Lunar Gate can make abolishing a specific rule there easier before going to the Lunar Base, which has two rare cards but tough default rules. The party can't introduce any new rules to the region, but a rule there will be abolished after a few games; if the abolished rule was not the desired one, the party can then pay the queen 30,000 gil to get it back and play her again, and a rule will be abolished again after a few games. Often the player has excess money as salary is paid at regular intervals and weapons and items are fairly cheap. The player can also farm money.

This allows for somewhat sophisticated rule manipulation. The player can challenge the Queen of Cards, accept a game with All, then purposely lose a rare card to send her to another region, say Galbadia. If she goes to the desired region the player will be able to spread All to anyone who plays with Galbadian rules. Opponents do not have to be physically in the region with the Queen, they just have to play with that region's rules. In this manner, one can set rules for regions before even arriving there.

The Queen of Cards quest is considerably easier if the player can make her move only between Balamb and Dollet. This way they won't have to chase her around the world. If she goes somewhere else the player can reset the game and try again.

After the player moves at least two chunks away from the starting elevator area, Baldi will cover his eyes and count down from 10, like in a game of hide and seek. During the countdown, there is a rare chance that Baldi will cover his left eye and peek at the player. Once the countdown is over, he will hold a ruler on his hand and start chasing the player. Strangely, he will also get angry. However, in Explorer Mode, Baldi will just disappear and will not chase or harm the player. 041b061a72


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