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Freemasonry And Judaism: Secret Powers Behind

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Freemasonry And Judaism: Secret Powers Behind

What are the forces behind the spirit of revolution since the French Revolution of 1789 What has caused the downfall of European absolute monarchies and the authority of the Church Who benefits from the decline of patriotism and religious values The answer, explicated by the author, French aristocrat: the Freemasonry and Judaism. This book 1st published in French in 1928 and in English in 1929. The first part this book discusses the role of Freemasonry in the revolutionary spirit. To an author, Freemasonry is a secret society, takes the facade of a philanthropic organization to cover up its occult war against Christianity and traditionalism. The lower Masons don't know the true meaning, and masterminds of Masonry remain a mystery. Freemasonry founded on the doctrines of the Jewish Cabala, the precise links lost in obscurity. Similar teachings and groups traced to ancient times with a secret organizational structure, occult initiation rituals and symbols. Most of the instigators of the French Revolution were Masons. The Revolution was not a popular uprising against the Monarchy and the Church as it is commonly believed, but rather planned out by personages in high places spreading propaganda and made it appear coming from the bottom-up when it was actually from the top-down. The Hexagram (the Star of David) symbolizes the 6-pronged attack against Christian civilization: 59ce067264


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