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How to Play Agarest Generations of War Zero-RELOADED Update on PC with Steam

Agarest Generations of War Zero-RELOADED Update: Everything You Need to Know

If you are a fan of strategy role-playing games (SRPGs) with anime-style graphics and epic stories, you might have heard of Agarest Generations of War Zero, a prequel to the popular Agarest: Generations of War series. But did you know that there is a new and improved version of this game for PC, called Agarest Generations of War Zero-RELOADED Update? In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this game, from its features, story, gameplay, and how to get it. Read on and discover why this game is worth your time and money.

Agarest Generations of War Zero-RELOADED Update

What is Agarest Generations of War Zero?

Agarest Generations of War Zero is a SRPG that was originally released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in Japan in 2009, and later for PC in 2014. It is a prequel to Agarest: Generations of War, which was released in 2007. The game is developed by Idea Factory, a Japanese company known for creating games such as Hyperdimension Neptunia, Fairy Fencer F, and Record of Agarest War.

A prequel to the epic SRPG Agarest: Generations of War

The game takes place in Agarest, a world created by the gods of darkness and light. As time passed, paradise fell to the ravages of war, as the gods divided and their armies clashed. Sieghart, a young officer loyal to the armies of light, meets a strange girl named Mimel during a perilous mission. He unknowingly changes the fate of the world by making a contract with her. The game follows Sieghart's descendants through five generations, as they fight against the forces of darkness.

A blend of in-depth strategy and multi-generational storytelling

The game combines elements of strategy and storytelling in a unique way. The player has to make choices that affect not only their own character, but also their offspring. The choices also determine which path they will follow: Darkness or Light. Each path has different events, characters, endings, and even gameplay mechanics. The player can also customize their character's appearance, personality, skills, weapons, items, and relationships with other characters.

A game with unique features such as Extended Areas, Blacksmith's Guild, and Soul Breed System

The game also has some features that make it stand out from other SRPGs. One of them is the Extended Area system, which allows the player to chain attacks together in huge combos by moving their characters on a grid-based battlefield. Another one is the Blacksmith's Guild system, which lets the player experiment with crafting items and weapons by combining materials. And finally, there is the Soul Breed System, which lets the player choose their bride among several female characters and have children with them. The children inherit some traits from their parents and become playable characters in later generations.

What is the RELOADED Update?

The RELOADED Update is a new and improved version of Agarest Generations of War Zero for PC that was released in 2015. It is not a separate game, but an update that enhances the original game with some new features.

A new and improved version of the game for PC

The RELOADED Update improves some aspects of the original game for PC players. For example, it fixes some bugs and glitches that affected some users. It also adds some graphical options such as resolution settings, windowed mode, anti-aliasing, etc. It also improves some performance issues such as loading times and frame rate.

A version that features Cloud Saving and Steam Achievements

The RELOADED Update also adds some features that are exclusive to Steam users. One of them is Cloud Saving, which allows the player to save their progress online and access it from any device that has Steam installed. Another one is Steam Achievements, which are rewards that the player can unlock by completing certain tasks or challenges in the game. There are 43 achievements in total for this game.

A version that includes all the DLCs for the game

The RELOADED Update also includes all the downloadable content (DLC) that was released for Agarest Generations of War Zero. There are five DLC bundles in total, each containing various items such as costumes, weapons, accessories, points, etc. Some DLCs also add new characters or scenarios to the game. The DLCs are already included in the update, so there is no need to buy them separately.

Why should you play Agarest Generations of War Zero-RELOADED Update?

If you are still not convinced that this game is worth playing, here are some reasons why you should give it a try.

Experience a compelling and innovative turn-based combat system

If you enjoy strategic battles where you have to plan your moves carefully and use various skills and arts to defeat your enemies, you will love this game's combat system. The Extended Area system allows you to unleash powerful combos by moving your characters on a grid-based battlefield. You can also use Extra Skills that consume SP (Skill Points), Special Arts that consume AP (Action Points), or Over Kills that consume both SP and AP but deal massive damage. You can also use items or switch characters during battle.

Choose the path of Darkness or Light through a truly epic story

If you enjoy stories that span multiple generations and have branching paths depending on your choices, you will love this game's story. The game has five generations in total, each with its own protagonist, heroine, events, characters, and endings. Your choices affect not only your character's alignment, but also their offspring's appearance, personality, skills, and relationships. You can also experience different events, characters, endings, and even gameplay mechanics depending on whether you choose Darkness or Light.

Build your ultimate army of warriors and master various skills and arts

If you enjoy customizing your character's abilities and creating your own strategies, you will love this game's character development system. You can choose from over 100 playable characters, each with their own stats, skills, arts, and equipment. You can also use items or weapons to enhance their attributes or unlock new abilities. What are some similar games to Agarest Generations of War Zero-RELOADED Update?

If you enjoy Agarest Generations of War Zero-RELOADED Update, you may also like some other games that have similar features or themes. Here are some examples of similar games :

- Agarest: Generations of War: The original game of the series that takes place after Agarest Generations of War Zero. It has a longer and more complex story, more characters, more skills, more items, and more endings. It also has a different alignment system that affects your character's appearance and stats. - Disgaea PC: A humorous and quirky SRPG that features over-the-top battles, a deep character customization system, a random dungeon generator, and a lot of replay value. It also has a lot of anime references, jokes, and parodies. - Valkyria Chronicles: A beautiful and emotional SRPG that combines turn-based tactics with real-time action. It has a unique art style, a rich story, a diverse cast of characters, and a strategic combat system that uses terrain, cover, and line of sight. - Moékuri: Adorable + Tactical SRPG: A cute and colorful SRPG that features over 150 anime-style characters that you can collect, train, and use in battle. It has a simple but engaging combat system that uses elemental affinities, skills, and formations. Where can I find more information about Agarest Generations of War Zero-RELOADED Update?

If you want to learn more about Agarest Generations of War Zero-RELOADED Update, you can visit some of these sources:

- The official website, where you can find the game's overview, features, screenshots, trailers, and more. - The Steam store page, where you can buy the game, read reviews, join discussions, and access support. - The store page, where you can buy the game without DRM (digital rights management), get bonus goodies, and access support. - The Idea Factory website, where you can find more games by the same developer and publisher. - The Agarest Wiki, where you can find detailed information about the game's characters, story, gameplay, items, skills, and more.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope you found it helpful and informative. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you. And if you enjoyed this article, please share it with your friends and fellow gamers. Have a great day and happy gaming!


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