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Hunter Williams
Hunter Williams


I have one questing regarding iOS Game Center baloons menu. I am wondering which kind od iOS frameworks (Core animation??) is used for creation of this wonderful menu. Here is image below to depict of what I mean exactly:


Baloons have soft motions and when user taps on one of them there is crazy baloons motion effect. Can anyone provide some links to some code example which describes how we can make something similar. Or is there anywhere some kind of similar menu for general usage?

I create a parameter for each component in an assembily on the assembily level called "BUBBLE". This number goes in order of the parts assembled. For example, part 1 gets a "1" and part 2 gets a "2" and if part 3-6 are the same part, I give them all "3" and so on. I do this because I do not want ProE to automatically group all same parts together. For example, the same bolt is used in two different patterns in two different places and I want it to have two different bubble numbers (one for each pattern of bolts). I change my table in my assembily drawing to pull the number from "asm.mbr.cparam.BUBBLE" (the location of this number I've created. I then change my baloons to pull from that parameter. This works until I get to the second time a part is used (this part has a different "BUBBLE" number). My bubble shows the number from the first set. For example, I have two patterns of the same bolt, one has 6 bolts (part number 12345) that have the "BUBBLE" parameter "5" and then 19 components later the other pattern has 12 bolts (part number 12345) that have the "BUBBLE" parameter "24". When I create a bubble for those components they show "5" no matter what. I can not even get a baloon to show up with a "24" in it. I can get the next 25 bubbles to show up just fine. It just skips 24 and says that it has created every baloon. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance. 041b061a72


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