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The Benefits and Risks of Using Graphic Equalizer Pro 2.2 Serial Number

the cut/boost settings are very complete with cuts ranging from -30 to +30 in half db steps. cuts are easy to apply and are nicely audible. i've found that the cut and boost is pretty linear so you don't have to worry about setting it in a specific range and then adjusting back to an overall volume level. this is another nice feature. also the cut and boost works well within the adjustments. if you can hear a hint of stereo effect in the cut and boost, adjust the boost/cut until you can't. the controls have about a half a db more gain than the weiss eq, so you may need to boost a few db to make it complete. overall i am very happy with the sound of this equalizer and it's a pleasure to use. my only qualms are the controls are somewhat spartan for the price. i would hope for more controls and more customization.

Graphic Equalizer Pro 2.2 Serial Number

i would like to see more controls and more customization as the price is already on the high side for a unit of this quality. overall i'm very happy with this unit. i can't wait to get the us serial number and then test out all the other eqs i have.

the req-2.2 is a unique sounding equalizer and is the perfect complement to the other equalizers in my rack. it's smooth and natural top end, and rich sounding low end make it the perfect antidote for the harshness i frequently find in mixes done in the box. perhaps the most interesting aspect of the req-2.2 is it's ability to carve out excessive low end while still keeping the dynamics intact. as many projects are now mixed in less than perfect monitoring situations, i frequently find an overabundance of bottom end which has not been heard in the mix environment. the low end shelving on the req 2.2 removes the offending frequencies while leaving the warmth of the mid-range intact. i've really enjoyed this addition to my arsenal. [greg is a mastering engineer at sterling sound ]


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