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DVB T2 Software Update: How to Boost Your Digital TV Experience with the Latest Features and Improvements

Step 8: After you click upgrade, there will be a warning to confirm you want to upgrade, click OK on this page and let it update. You should see a 'Upgrade Successful' page appear.

Dvb T2 Software Update

Step 11: Look over the new firmware. Does it seem worth your time to update? If so, go ahead and click 'Upgrade'. If not, you can go back to step 3 to verify the previous version and upgrade again.

Step1: Get updated firmware (a file in.bin format) from our engineers, then move it to a USB flash drive (USB 2.0 version will be perfect match).Step2: Plug in the USB flash drive to the STB, the tv screen will showDevice Connected.Step3: Go to the Tools MENU page, and move cursor down to USB/Card Upgrade option, then press OK button on remote control to confirm Yes for software updating. Step4: Select correct dvb t2 s2 combo firmware file which listed on the USB flash drive and press OK button on remote controller. The progress bar will show up as the following picture. Note: Dont power off the DVB T2 S2 combo box while updating.

The DVR software will be turned off by default and can be turned on by opening up the HDHomeRun Setup application, clicking on the DVR tab, and using Use this PC for recordings. DVR requires a subscription to work. DVR software should not be installed on a computer that is connected wirelessly or turns on or off frequently. Updating the DVR software can be done by simply downloading the new version of the Windows installer and installing it on top of the existing version. No uninstallation of the old version is necessary.


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