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Julian Baker
Julian Baker

[S1E13] The Abyss Stares Back !LINK!

We begin with a flashback to Tae-Jin and Hee-Jin as kids before cutting to present day to find Hee-Jin in hospital, struggling to comprehend the death of her Mum. She begs Cha Min to use the abyss again but he stares, un-moving, at the corpse. Realizing that reviving her could spur movement from Oh Yeong, they hold off for now and get back to normality.

[S1E13] The Abyss Stares Back

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Harlee snapped his neck almost instantly. He hit the floor and we were left with our jaws dropped as Harlee stared coldly into the abyss we call the moment of truth when victim kills their abuser out of fear. The cold look Harlee had on her face was that of someone who only saw a light at the end of a tunnel by removing an obstacle. In this case, that was Zepeda trying to hold her back, keep her down, take away a life she grew for her and her daughter and keep Harlee living in fear for herself and her daughter.

Cinder glares at her, wondering what the Spring Maiden is talking about, but then gasps as she looks behind her. She notices the dying Vernal aiming one of her weapons at her and fires. Cinder blocks the attack, but Raven quickly dashes up behind her and lands a devastating lightning attack on her face, shattering her mask and revealing the heavily scarred left side. The sheer force of the attack sends Cinder over the edge of the vault's walkway and above the abyss. She stares back up at Raven, who uses her powers to freeze the Fall Maiden into an ice statue. Cinder's frozen body falls down into the dark depths of the abyss, fading from view. Raven looks down as she watches her enemy continue plunging, before deactivating her Maiden powers and sighing.

"I was first struck by the absence of time, having depended on it so completely as a measure of my self and my life; moving backwards into the perpetual night it consumes purpose, indeed, all passion and will. I come to you, old friend, with the dull clarity of the dead not to beckon you, but to feel the fire and intensity that still live in you; and the heavy weight of your burdens which I had once borne. There is truth you know, friend, if that's all you seek, but there's no justice or judgment without which truth is a vast...dead...hollow. Go back. Do not look into the abyss or let the abyss look into you; awaken the sleep of reason and fight the monsters within and without." 041b061a72


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