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New Package: Emacs-Color-Theme _VERIFIED_

When attempting to use packages for extensions and Emacs has been configured with a prefix other than '/usr', the load-path will need to be updated. Place the following in /.emacs prior to the instructions provided by the package:

New Package: Emacs-Color-Theme

In the terminal version of Emacs, color themes will not render correctly ascolors are rendered by the terminal and not by emacs. You will probably have tochange your terminal color palette. More explanations can be found onemacs-color-theme-solarized webpage.

Emacs has many color themes available for you to use. My personal oneis color-theme-sanityinc-tomorrow or grandshell-theme ormonokai-theme. Some popular themes are emacs-color-theme-solarized andzenburn. You can select themes of your choice from MELPA.


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