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Julian Baker

You'll See It When You Believe It

Usually, when we decide to transform ourselves, we start by trying to change our bodies. We imagine that self-improvement starts with living a healthier lifestyle, so we go on diets or start exercising.

You'll See It When You Believe It

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What does your favorite childhood memory have in common with your dream of a perfect future? Well, you experience both of them as thoughts, or images in your mind. In fact, everything you do, believe or experience comes in the form of a thought. Thoughts make us who we are.

If you constantly think of yourself as being shy in front of crowds, for instance, those thoughts will manifest as shyness in reality. You'll be afraid of public speaking because you'll imagine yourself failing.

Think of our bodies again: we're all made of billions of cells. If even just a few of them decided to work against the rest, we'd be in serious trouble. In fact, this is what cancer is. Cancer occurs when rogue cells decide to attack the others.

How many of us are devoting our lives to something we love? Sadly, hardly any of us. Instead, most of us have jobs that place limitations on what we truly want. We can't wear our own clothes, or work when we want or where we want.

One such tactic is to show your gratitude for everything. Be thankful for the sun that gives you energy, your friends and family, and the simple fact that you're alive. When you focus on what you're deeply thankful for, you'll realize that there's actually very little scarcity in your life. You already have everything you need to achieve whatever you want.

To understand how harmful attachment can be, consider this analogy: when you eat a piece of lettuce, it goes through your digestive system without you controlling or even thinking about the process. Your body absorbs the nutrients and expels the waste, all in perfect harmony.

What do you do when someone does something bad to you, or something you don't like? If you're like most, you probably get angry. You might hate the person, or blame them for creating a problem in your life.

When parents see how and what their children are actually learning instead of just scanning for the halfdozen school-things, unschooling will make sense to the parents. If you wait for school to congeal from a busylife, you'll keep being disappointed. If you learn to see everything instead of just school things,unschooling will start working for you. When you see it you will believe it.

In the early days, when I met with a new client, I would begin by jumping right to presentation techniques and behaviors such as nonverbal skills and connecting with an audience. However, after a few sessions, with a few clients, it became obvious to me that the most important thing was not the behavior of what to do, it was the mindset. Some clients were just not ready to believe that they could be a good speaker.

Now when I meet with a new client, the first thing we do is create the image of the speaker that he or she wants to be. I want to create the mindset that enables them to get up in front of any type of audience and deliver their message.

You must decide what that person is going to look like. Decide what you really want to do, not what your mind is telling you who you are at this moment. You can make believe that you are a speaker long before you become one.

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Every successful person believed they could do something great prior to actually achieving the goal. To have the body you want, believe you can have it first. Next, close your eyes and visualize yourself with that body. How does it feel? How does it look? Then act in a way that is consistent with getting that ideal body. To have an abundant life, believe you are prosperous, visualize it and act accordingly. And if you want love and peace around you, be loving and peaceful and believe others are capable of the same.

Michelle is Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life's Creative Director and resident writer. She has a degree in Journalism from Indiana University and is also a certified holistic health coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and registered yoga teacher with trainings with Anuttara Yoga Shala and Strala Yoga. Michelle has a deep desire to help people find happiness in all areas of their lives, and truly believes the Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life movement will bring lasting change to the world. Michelle splits her time between Florida and New York City and loves connecting with people from all over the world. If you'd like to contact her, she can be reached at

It would be hard to talk about confirmation bias without mentioning illusory correlations, which are a major source of confirmation bias in action. The term illusory correlation describes our tendency to overestimate relationships between two variables even when no such relationship exists. We often use illusory correlations to confirm our existing biases.

You can make higher and higher levels of living a regular part of your daily regimen without going to a guru or mastering courses in metaphysics. How? By believing you are a soul with a body rather than a body with a soul. You will create for yourself a life that is literally without limitations. You will begin to see miracles occurring simply because you believe in them and expect them to materialize for you. In fact, you will become a miracle worker yourself.

I have come to know that there is an invisible, untouchable, odorless, and yet very real intelligence in back of, or supporting, all form. This intelligence has been labeled many things. Some call it God, others the life force, higher consciousness, the divine spirit. The label is unimportant. The living of it matters immensely. It is a feeling similar to what Carl Jung was expressing when an interviewer asked him if he believed in God. His startling answer was, No. After a thoughtful pause, he continued, "I know there is a God."

Observe a tree and contemplate the intelligence within or behind that tree that allows it to function perfectly in form. The leaves come and go, the sap drips out, it flowers when it is supposed to. It is much more than simple form. It contains a life force that makes it alive. We cannot see that life force, but it is very real.

I see myself having chosen a variety of roles in this lifetime. I used to believe that those roles were the real me, and that everything that I did determined my essence. I experience my form doing what I have chosen to do, and at the same time I can get mentally in back of that form and observe myself going through the doing motions of my humanity. Thus, I work and sweat, and play tennis, and write, and speak to large audiences, and make love to my wife, and walk along the beach, and pay my bills, and strive to save some money, and talk on the telephone about my investments, and hug my children, and do all of the other actions that I choose for myself. Those actions, those roles, have a magically enhanced quality to them when my being is in the doing. When I involve that invisible, untouchable part of myself, or my Self, then do I recognize that my physical self, my form, is not all that I am. When I bring my thoughts and feelings to my physical actions I experience a balance, a wholeness, a meness. My ability to be thought itself is the real miracle that I am a part of.

The major difference that I note in myself is the phenomenal new compassion that seems to have swept into my being in recent years. Where I previously was able to ignore others or to live in my own world, so to speak, now I find myself more emotionally connected to the inner energy of all life forms. For instance, I do a lot of traveling for speaking engagements, and in the past I have proceeded singlemindedly through a crowded airplane to get to my seat. I now find myself helping someone stow hand luggage in the overhead compartment, when I would have squeezed by that person a few years back. I love this new compassion. It empowers me to greater things, and of course it helps to create a more loving experience in others as well.

I have lost my ability to blame others for the circumstances of my life. I no longer view the world in terms of unfortunate accidents or misfortunes. I know in my being that I influence it all, and now find myself considering why I created a situation, rather than saying, Why me? This heightened awareness directs me to look inside of myself for answers. I take responsibility for all of it, and the interesting puzzle becomes a fascinating challenge when I decide to influence areas of my life in which I previously believed I was not in control. I now feel that I control it all.

I know that I create what I have and what I need, and that I am capable of performing miracles when I am balanced inwardly and using my thinking dimension to create the world that I want for myself. I know now that my circumstances do not make me what I am, but that they reveal who I have chosen to be. The quieter I can make my mind, the more I can perceive the link between my thoughts and how I feel. The quieter my mind, the less judgmental and negative I tend to be. Having a quiet mind gives me a peaceful life, and helps others around me to choose peaceful, serene, effective lives for themselves. Consequently, how I think can directly affect those around me. It was said of Jesus and Buddha and other highly spiritual beings that their presence in a village could raise the consciousness of everyone in the village. I can now value and appreciate that idea. I have found that when I am totally at peace within, and radiate that serenity outward, the consciousness of those in the same room with me can become peaceful.

I seldom wear a watch, yet a few years ago I would not be caught without one. Time has lost its importance in the linear sense, and I do not feel compelled to keep track of when and where and how fast I live my life. This happened without any goals or objectives. I simply stopped wearing a watch and referring to time and scheduling my life, and I have found that I am more efficient as a result. 041b061a72


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